quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2014

May 4th

Following the previous post, on this week I've been working on the software.

At this point I've developed two programs. The first program is responsible for the calibration of the sensors. This program receives data from the sensors and at the same time launches an interface, Figure 1. 

Figure 1 - Calibration interface menu.

On this interface it's possible to load an existing calibration or to create a new calibration. The load menu is for monitoring purposes only, while the new calibration menu is in charge of the creation of a new calibration profile. Upon completion of the profile, it's saved in a .xml file for future use.

The other program is the one that I mentioned on the previous post. I've made some changes and now after getting the data from the hardware it reads the .xml file, if there is any, and loads the calibration values. After this it calibrates all the incoming values and publishes them on ROS. Also, I added a launch file so it's possible to run the program using roslaunch command.


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